TEENS: You’re the Voice: Zine Making with Ladies of Leisure

Thu 25 Jan 2018

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

Hosted by Melbourne-based creative collective, Ladies of Leisure (LOL), this workshop encourages young people to use their voices for positive change by making a zine.

LOL will facilitate a conversation based on Sarah Goffman’s work I am with you 2017 in Unfinished Business, focusing on personal politics and how those issues affect workshop participants, and the world around them.

Participants will then create their own collaged artwork responding to a belief or message they wish to support. These artworks will then be photocopied and collated into their very own zine to take home.

This workshop is for teenagers, suitable for ages 13-17 years.


Ladies of Leisure (LOL) is a community that celebrates strength, weakness, success and process. Ladies of Leisure publish zines, run workshops, throw parties, create films, make and sell a range of fun merchandise, and provide the tools to assist up and coming creative people in pursuit of their passions.

This workshop will be hosted by Savannah Anand-Sobti and Sally Tabart.

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