Data Relations Summer School Callout

Thursday 16 – Monday 20 February 2023 (excluding Sunday 19 February)

ACCA is pleased to open our call out for enrolments to Data Relations Summer School. Taking the exhibition Data Relations as a point of departure, Data Relations Summer School comprises a series of experimental workshops, discussions, performances and talks at ACCA and other venues, with an emphasis on pedagogy and the sharing of ideas. Presenters and participants will come together to respond to critical and creative approaches to questions regarding data relations.

Featuring the exhibiting artists, alongside invited guest artists, researchers, and critical technologists. Speakers include:

  • Aasma Tulika (Capture All artist, India)
  • Ana Tiquia (All Tomorrow’s Futures, Australia)
  • Andrew Brooks (UNSW Sydney, & ADM+S Australia)
  • James Parker (exhibiting artist, Melbourne Law School, Australia)
  • Jenny Kennedy (RMIT University, AMD+S, Australia)
  • Joel Sherwood Spring (Capture All artist, Wiradjuri)
  • Joel Stern (exhibiting artist, RMIT & ADM+S, Australia)
  • Lauren Lee McCarthy (exhibiting artist, UCLA Design Media Arts, USA)
  • Laura McLean (Capture All curator, Liquid Architecture, Monash University & ADM+S, Australia)
  • Machine Listening (Sean Dockray, James Parker, Joel Stern)
  • Machine Vision Reading Group (co-convened by Chris O’Neill and Thao Phan)
  • Mark Andrejevic (Monash University & ADM+S, Australia)
  • Mat Spisbah (Independent Curator)
  • Mehak Sawhney (Capture All curator & artist, Sarai & McGill University, Canada)
  • Michael Richardson (UNSW Sydney, Australia)
  • Mimi Ọnụọha (exhibiting artist, USA)
  • Sam Lavigne (exhibiting artist, University of Texas, USA)
  • Sean Dockray (exhibiting artist, Australian National University, Australia)
  • Shareeka Helaluddin (Capture All artist, Australia)
  • Suvani Suri (Capture All curator & artist, Sarai, India)
  • Tega Brain (exhibiting artist, New York University, USA)
  • Thao Phan (Monash University & ADM+S, Australia)
  • Tom Smith (Capture All artist, RMIT, Australia)
  • Winnie Soon (exhibiting artist, Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Uzma Falak (Capture All artist, University of Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Victoria Ivanova (R&D Strategic Lead, Serpentine Gallery, London)
  • Chris O’Neill (Monash University & ADM+S, Australia) / Automated Vision Reading Group
  • Zach Blas (exhibiting artist, University of Toronto, Canada)

Data Relations Summer School also features evening performances and talks at ACCA by exhibiting artists and other guests, which are free and open to all.

Who Can Enrol?

ACCA encourages artists, researchers, students, writers, critics and enthusiasts interested in data relations to apply for the Summer School. The program offers a platform for discussion, collaboration, knowledge sharing and exchange. EOIs are encouraged from both creative and/or technological perspectives.

Data Relations Summer School will have limited capacity and selection will consider the diversity of age, gender, ability, cultural and disciplinary background to expand the ways art and data may intersect in the everyday. The selection process will prioritise access and inclusion, and the program will cater to participants of all abilities.

Required Commitment

Data Relations Summer School runs from Thursday 16 – Monday 20 February (excluding Sunday 19 February). Each day comprises an afternoon session between 12– 4pm incorporating discussions, workshops and talks, complimented by optional evening events hosted at ACCA that will be open to the general public.

Participants will form a cohort and attend all sessions. The Summer School requires a significant time commitment and ongoing participation in discussions and workshops over the four days.

Expressions of Interest

  1. Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in attending the Data Relations Summer School? (200 words)
  2. Are you available to attend all sessions over 16 – 20 February? (200 words)
  3. Do you have any accessibility requirements? (200 words)

Enrolments Close

Monday 30 January 2023, 5pm

Data Relations Summer School is curated by ACCA in collaboration with RMIT Research Fellow Joel Stern and presented with the support of The Ian Potter Foundation, ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S), RMIT School of Media and Communication, University of Melbourne, Australian Research Council (ARC), Capture All with Liquid Architecture x Sarai, ACMI and UNSW Sydney.

Presenting Partners