Some of the world’s leading artists explore life’s journey from the moment of lift-off to the final send-off and all the bits in-between in this group exhibition, part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival 2010. 

Charles Anderson, George Armfield, Melanie Boreham, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Aleks Danko, Tacita Dean, Gabrielle De Vietri, Sue Ford, Garry Hill, Larry Jenkins, Peter Kennedy,  Anastasia Klose, Arthur Lindsay, Dora Meeson, Anna Molska, TV Moore, Tony Oursler, Neil Pardington , Giulio Paolini, Mark Richards, David Rosetzky , Anri Sala , James Shaw, Louise Short, William Strutt, Darren Sylvester, Fiona Tan, Bill Viola, Annika von Hausswolff, Mark Wallinger, Lynette Wallworth, Gillian Wearing.