ACCA plays a leading role investing in our artistic community, leading the cultural conversation and setting the agenda for contemporary art. ACCA’s vision is propelled by transformative philanthropy, and it is through this support that we are able to build on our exemplary track record of bringing the most exciting international artists to Australian audiences and offering a career-defining platform to propel the next generation of Australian artists onto the world stage.

ACCA Donors helps us in our aim to be Australia’s most adventurous contemporary art space and commissioning organisation, renowned for welcoming all communities to participate in critically engaged contemporary art culture that encourages curiosity and transformation.

Support ACCA today through an annual donation or a multi-year pledge (acknowledged at the cumulative level). All donors giving above $1,000 receive invitations to special events and acknowledgement on our honour board. Our donors are invited to see the impact of their gift on ACCA’s exhibitions and programs through special events and personal engagements with our Artistic Director, artists, curators, educators and more.

Our Donors

VISIONARY $100,000+
The Macfarlane Fund
Prescott Family Foundation*
J. Andrew Cook & Prof. Wendy Brown

LEGEND $50,000 – $99,999
Vivien & Graham Knowles*

CHAMPION $25,000 – $49,999
John Denton & Susan Cohn*
Andy Dinan & Mario Lo Giudice
Peter & Leila Doyle*
Margaret Morgan & Wesley Phoa
Bruce Parncutt AO
Michael Schwarz & David Clouston*
Dr Terry Wu & Dr Melinda Tee

GUARDIAN $10,000 – $24,999
Lesley Alway & Paul Hewison*
Robyn & Graham Burke*
Beth Brown
Georgia Dacakis*
Carole & John Dovaston
Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking*
Frank Pollio
Marita Onn & John Tuck

PATRON $5,000 – $9,999
Anthony & Michele Boscia*
Michael & Janet Buxton Foundation
Sophie Gannon
Rachel Griffiths & Andrew Taylor*
In Memory of Bill and Margaret Lasica
Marita & James Lillie
Lou & Will McIntyre
Jan van Schaik
Susan M Renouf*
Chris & Cheryl Thomas
Sarah & Ted Watts

FRIEND $1,000 – $4,999
Paul Auckett
Professor Andrew Benjamin
Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO*
Ingrid Braun*
Jon & Gabrielle Broome
Paul & Samantha Cross
Bird de la Coeur Architects
Jo Davenport
Annette Dixon*
Jane Hemstritch*
Andrew Landrigan & Brian Peel
Nicholas Lolatgis*
Gene-Lyn Ngian & Jeffrey Robinson
Drew Pettifer
Professor Margaret Plant
Sue Rose & Alan Segal
Jane Ryan & Nick Kharsas
Bernard Shafer
Steven Smith*
Jennifer Strauss AM*
Fiona Sweet & Paul Newcombe
Dahle Suggett & Peter Cole*
Irene Sutton*
Noel & Jenny Turnbull*
Rosemary Walls
Jan Williams

CONTEMPORARY $500 – $999
Sally Browne Fund
Helen Clarke*
Dr Sue Dodd
Elly & Nathan Fink
Vida Maria Gaigalas
Kestin Family Foundation
Meredith King
Shelley Penn

ENTHUSIAST under $499
Angela Brennan
Fiona Clyne in memory of Dr Roger Woock
Julia Gardiner
John McNamara
Kenneth W Park*
Allan & Eva Rutman
Dr Nigel Simpson
Anna Waldmann

* denotes donors who have given for more than five years consecutively


Marita & James Lillie


Bruce Parncutt AO


Dr Terry Wu & Dr Melinda Tee

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