ACCA Backer

ACCA gratefully acknowledges the inspiring support of all ACCA Backers in March 2016:

The Alderman, Emma Anderson, Kerryn & Gary Anderson, Ruth Bain, Professor Andrew Benjamin, Claire Beynon, Michael & Maryann Brash, Angela Brennan, Janet Broughton, Judy Buchan, Robert Buckingham, Belinda Buckley, Dominique Burgoine, Cantilever Interiors Pty Ltd, C. Chamberlain, Rebecca Coates, Jeni Cooper, Julia Cox, Jason & Tracey from Daskysdalimit Pty Ltd, Virginia Dahlenburg, Jo Davenport, Diana Devlin, Sue Dodd, Jennifer Doubell, C. Douglas, Fiction Film Company, Jessie French, Vida Gaigalas, A. Geczy, Martin Hanns & Eliza Devlin, Amanda Hall, Katrina Hall, Jane & Simon Hayman, Nick Hays, Gavin John & Francesca Black, Natalie King, Kestin Family, Cecily Kuoc, Andrew Landrigan, Anaya Latter, Natalie Lasek & Martin Matthews, Georgina Lee, Damian Lentini, Ross Lowe, Deb Lyon, Tash Mian, Gene-Lyn Ngian & Jeffrey Robinson, Chelsey O’Brien, Alice Pentland, Drew Pettifer, Anouska Phizacklea, Angela Pye & Jeremy Bakker, Toby & Clare Ralph, Andrew Rogers, Helen Selby & Jim Couttie, Sisters Beach House, Irene Sutton, Angela Taylor, Jan van Schaik, Ravi Vasavan, Hon. Heidi Victoria MP, Anna Waldmann, Rosemary Walls, The Walls Art Space, Jervis Ward, Andrew Wilson, and 16 anonymous donors.

These donations were boosted through the dedicated support of Lesley Alway & Paul Hewison, Betty Amsden OAM, Karilyn Brown, Sally Browne Fund, John Dovaston, Peter & Leila Doyle, Rosemary Forbes & Ian Hocking, Sophie Gannon, Annemarie Kiely, Vivien & Graham Knowles, Raoul Marks, The Naomi Milgrom Foundation, Jane Morley, Michael Schwarz & David Clouston, Nella Themelios, Sarah & Ted Watts, John Wardle Architects, and Lyn Williams AM.

ACCA Backer is a fundraising campaign supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Plus1 program.  For a limited time, every $100 donation received was boosted to $1,000 by a dedicated donor before being matched to $2,000 by Plus1.

In March 2016, this campaign successfully raised $50,000, which was then matched to $100,000 by Creative Partnerships Australia.