John Hanhardt, public lecture, 1986. Courtesy ACCA Archive

TALK: Guilt, Grace and Robert Mapplethorpe
A forum discussing Mapplethorpe’s exhibition at ACCA with a panel of speakers including Paul Foss and Beatrice Faust.
DATE: 6 March 1986, 8pm    
TALK: How Much Beauty Can I Stand?
Lecture and discussion of the exhibition.
DATE: unknown

TALK/SCREENING: Illena Segalove
An evening screening of videos and a talk by visiting American video artist, Illena Segalove.
DATE: 20 March 1986, 8pm    

LECTURE: Robert La Frenais
A lecture given by Robert La Frenais, the English publisher of ‘Performance Magazine’.
DATE: 18 April 1986, 8pm

A performance, screening and discussion by Adam Boyd and other members of the Brisbane O-Flat Collective.
DATE: 30 April 1986, 8pm

TALK: Video Art: Expanded Forms
Whitney curator, John Hanhardt, gave a lecture on the exhibition, New American Video Art: An historical Survey, 1967 – 1980, at the Glass House Theatre.
DATE: 14 August 1986

TALK: Recent Australian Video
A panel discussion related to this exhibition of video art.
DATE: not known

PERFORMANCE: Streamlined
An evening of performances by three local artists.
DATE: not known