Stelarc lecture, 1987. Courtesy ACCA Archive

FESTIVAL: Evenings without Andy Warhol: Performance Festival and Forum  
DATE: 2 – 5 April & 9 -12 April 1987
This festival was devised in response to the growing popularity of performance art, especially amongst younger audience. Emerging and senior artists from all over the country and from many different types of performance (visual performance, dance, music, theatre, revue, film, video) were brought together with the intention to create ‘a true survey on the present state of Performance Art in Australia’.
Artists: Ernie Althoff, Rara Avis, Rodney Berry, Ros Bandt, Rozalind Drake Brockman, Warren Burt, Corinne Cantrill, David Chesworth, Graeme Davis, John Gillies, GMC, Goji Hamada, Chris Knowles, Anna Kotsanidis, Shelley Lasica, Lenin Limbo, Monica Main, Jill Orr, David Roberts, Ray Richards, Theatre of the Ordinary, Ania Walwicz
The Festival concluded with a panel discussion on Sunday 12 April.
Panel participants: Lyndal Jones, David Chesworth, Phillip Brophy, Richard Perram, Robert Randall

Evenings Without Andy Warhol program
TALK: Kenneth Gaburo
A lecture by US composer, Kenneth Gaburo.
DATE: unknown

LECTURE: Stelarc: Demonstration of his Mechanical Third Hand
Stelarc showed slides and videotapes of recent performances. He spoke on the philosophy of technology and state of the art developments in prosthetics and robotics in Japan where he now lives. Stelarc also demonstrated his mechanical third arm.
DATE: unknown