The Mind Antipodes review, The Sunday Herald, 1 April 1990. Courtesy ACCA Archive

TALK: Forum on Peter Greenaway’s films.
Speakers: Antonia Burns, John Flaus, Alex Selenitsch, Virginia Trioli; Chair: Harriet Edquist
DATE: 1 March 1990 

TALK: Lecture to coincide with the City Gallery exhibition Made in Formani: Current Soviet Avant Garde Art.
Speakers: Sven Gundlakh, Sergei Mironenko, Vladimir Mironenko, Sergei Volkov; Translator: Alex Manglet
DATE: 4 March 1990    

PERFORMANCE: An evening of experimental music.
Musicians: Alan Catlin, Hope Csutoros, Duncan Giggs
DATE: 14 March 1990
An evening of experimental music, flyer

FORUM: Graeme Hare exhibition at ACCA.
Speakers: Helen Ennis, Susan Fereday, Graeme Hare; Chair: Grazia Gunn
DATE: 21 March 1990, 8pm

FORUM: 13 Verity Street exhibition of Iskustavo: Russian artists.
DATE: 25 March 1990    

PERFORMANCE: The Mind's Antipodes
Director: Peter King
DATE: 5-8 April 1990 
1 April 1990, The Sunday Herald, Sometimes words are not enough.

TALK: Rick Amor exhibition floortalk by ACCA’s Director Grazia Gunn.
DATE: 9 May 1990

TALK: Illustrated lecture by curator David Hansen on the work of Rick Amor.
DATE: 3 May 1990

COURSE: A six-week lecture course on ‘Understanding Modern Art’ by Felicity Moore.
DATE: 7 May – 24 June 1990

TALK: An illustrated lecture on the role of ACCA and contemporary art in Australia given by Grazia Gunn to the Williamstown Foundation.
DATE: 23 May 1990

COURSE: A six-week painting course run by artist Irene Barbaris.
Date: 9 July – 13 August 1990
June 1990, advertisments for ACCA painting courses

TALK: A talk to ACCA members on the work of artist Tony Woods by ACCA’s Director Grazia Gunn.
DATE: 7 June 1990

FORUM: Tony Woods at ACCA
Speakers: Tony Woods, Andrew Sayers (Curator of Drawings at the National Gallery of Art), Grazia Gunn
DATE: 19 June 1990

COURSE: A workshop for children between 6 -12 yrs.
DATE: 15 – 29 July 1990        

TALK: Talk to ACCA members on the work of Murray Walker by ACCA’s Director Grazia Gunn.
DATE: 19 July 1990

FORUM: The River, The Port, The Journey. Issues raised by Murray Walker’s solo exhibition at ACCA.
Speakers: Neil Leverson, Murray Walker, Grazia Gunn
DATE: 25 July 1990

COURSE: Follow up talk series on ‘Understanding Modern Art’ by Felicity Moore and Grazia Gunn.
DATE: 1, 8 and 15 August 1990

TALK: Lecture by Kevin Atherton, visiting Irish artist/arts writer.
DATE: 16 August 1990            

COURSE: A six-week short course on painting and drawing by artist Irene Barbaris.
DATE: 22 August 1990             

TALK: Artist Mark Titmarsh on Italian artist, Picabia.
DATE: 11 October 1990        

FORUM: Inland exhibition
Speakers: unlisted
DATE: 21 November 1990

TALK: Friends of the Arts meeting with artist Peter Graham. This talk coincided with the ACCA exhibition Peter Graham: Depot: Animal Magician’s Hut.
DATE: December 1990 (date unspecified)