The Hand That Signed the Painting, forum flyer, 1996. Courtesy ACCA Archive

LECTURE: ‘The New Republics’ by international guest speaker Sunil Gupa, Indian-born Canadian artist and photographer based in London.
DATE: 14 March 1996            

LECTURE: ‘The Myth of the Centre’ by international guest speaker Dr Michael Haerdter, Founding Director of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
DATE: 19 March 1996            

PERFORMANCE: Classroom IIIA: The Testimony of Amira S., in conjunction with Budinski’s Theatre of Exile, presented during Dennis Del Favero’s ACCA exhibition Motel Vilna Vlas.
DATE: 21 March 1996            

PERFORMANCE: Barbara Campbell: Galatea
DATE: 15 April 1996            

FORUM: The Hand that Signed the Painting: A Hypothetical
Speakers: Judge Graham Fricke, Robert Richter QC, Robyn McKenzie, Anna Schwartz, Suzanna Lopez, Morag Fraser
DATE: 23 April 1996     
The Hand that Signed the Painting flyer      
TALK: Peter Watkins: A Review
DATE: 22 July 1996            

LECTURE: ‘Video and the Public Sphere’ by guest speaker David Joselit, US art critic and historian.
DATE: 25 July 1996            

LECTURE: – Glenn Ligon
DATE: 3 August 1996            

Ken Lum Hello. How Are You? 1994 Collection Annie Fong Art Foundation

LECTURE: ‘Early Cinema, late Cinema, Jackie Chan and Charlie Chaplin’ by guest speaker Laleen Jayamanne, Australian cinema studies academic and filmmaker.
DATE: 31 August 1996            

TALK: Canadian artist Ken Lum discussed his art practice, focusing on themes of language and portraiture.
DATE: 4 September 1996            

FORUM: Neighbours
Speakers: Julie Ewington, Lindy Lee, Matthew Ngui, Natalie King, Clare Williamson, Allison Carroll, Michael Snelling
DATE: 7 September 1996            

LECTURE: ‘Japan and TransCulture’ by international guest speaker Fumio Nanjo, Japanese curator and art consultant.
DATE: 23 September 1996            

PERFORMANCE: Scanner, UK sound artist Robin Rimbaud
DATE: 18 October 1996            

LECTURE: ‘Changing the Script’ by guest speaker Claire Doherty, curator, Ikon Gallery Birmingham.
DATE: 24 October 1996            

PERFORMANCE: Domenico de Clario: The Second Simplicity
DATE: 22 December 1996