From Camp to Queer: the Warhol Sensibility, flyer, 1997. Courtesy ACCA Archive

LECTURE: Indelible guest curators, Ted Gott and Jim Logan, discussed issues such as queer identity, social labelling and stigmatisation in response to the exhibition.
DATE: 24 January 1997        

LECTURE: Ted Polhemus, UK-based academic and cultural theorist talked about his recent publications, Style Surfing: What to wear in the Third Millennium and The Customised Body.
DATE: 20 February 1997    

ARTIST TALK: New York artists, Hillary Leone and Jennifer MacDonald discussed identity.
DATE: 24 February 1997    

ARTIST TALK: Chris Fortescue and Shaun Kirby
DATE: 6 March 1997 
Chris Fortescue and Shaun Kirby flyer      

LECTURE: ‘Conceptual Art: The Contested Legacy’ by international guest speaker Paul Wood, UK author and art historian.
DATE: 14 April 1997        

ARTIST TALK: Linda Sproul, Clare Williamson and Christopher Langton
DATE: 18 April 1997            

LECTURE: ‘From Camp to Queer: The Warhol Sensibility’ by guest speaker Nicholas Baume, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
DATE: 19 April 1997
From Camp to Queer: The Warhol Sensibility flyer       

ARTIST TALK: Sally Mannall and Alex Rizkalla
DATE: 30 May 1997            

ARTIST TALK: Karen Atkinson, American artist and activist
DATE: 7 July 1997            

ARTIST TALK: Jeff Gibson and Mike Stevenson
DATE: 10 July 1997        

TALK: An introduction to ‘Elastic Light: An International Retrospective of Computer Animation Art’ given by project curator, Jon McCormack. Elastic Light was an eclectic collection of digital works from the world’s leading computer animation practitioners.
DATE: 24 July 1997            

ARTIST TALK: Margaret Morgan
DATE: 22 August 1997            

CURATOR FLOORTALK: Michael Desmond, Senior Curator, National Gallery of Australia
DATE: 15 November 1997        

LECTURE: ‘Beauty and the Contemporary Sublime’ by international guest speaker Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, US-based artist and writer.
DATE: 25 October 1997            

LECTURE: ‘The Digital City’ by guest speaker, Geert Lovink, Dutch media theorist and critic.
DATE: 3 November 1997
The Digital City flyer            

FORUM: Seppelt Contemporary Art Award Forum
Speakers: Karen Burns, Julie Ewington, Hana O’Reagan, Dean Kelly, Barrie Kosky; Chair: Nicholas Baume.         
DATE: 10 November 1997            

ARTIST TALK: Ken Unsworth
DATE: 4 December 1997