Bill Viola photograph, 1998. Courtesy ACCA Archive

LECTURE: ‘CrosSeXXXamination’ by guest speaker Virginia Barratt, artist and VNS Matrix member.
DATE: 24 February 1998  
CrosSeXXXamination lecture flyer        

IN CONVERSATION: Susan Hiller and Anne Marsh, presented in association with Centre for Contemporary Photography.
DATE: 4 March 1998            

PERFORMANCE: Shelly Lasica: Situation Live: The Subject
A performance about theatrical interaction, loss of memory, conscience and the subject of space. This piece premiered at La Mama in 1997.
Script by Robyn McKenzie, soundtrack by Franc Tetaz, performance by Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd.
Part of Bodies in Space: A Program of Live and Filmic Performative Events
Date: 22 April, 7pm.

SEMINAR: Performance and Documentation
Speakers: David Cross, Shelly Lasica, Jude Walton, Angharad Wynne-Jones; Chaired by Anne Marsh.
Part of Bodies in Space: A Program of Live and Filmic Performative Events
DATE: 22 April, 8pm.            

PERFORMANCE: Mike Parr: The Female Factory
Part of Bodies in Space: A Program of Live and Filmic Performative Events
DATE: 25 April 1998, 12 -6pm  
Mike Parr: The Female Factory flyer     

SCREENING: Harold Boihem: The Ad and the Ego
DATE: 2 May 1998            

LECTURE: ‘Naked’ by guest speaker Elizabeth Grosz, feminist academic.
DATE: 5 May 1998        

PERFORMANCE: ‘Sound vs Space’ Philip Brophy and Phillip Samartzis            
DATE: 1 June 1998        
Sound vs Space flyer

LECTURE: Stelarc
DATE: 28 July 1998 
Stelarc lecture flyer      

FORUM: ‘The Way Ahead, The Future of Art Schools’ in conjunction with the Up The Road exhibition.
DATE: 17 August 1998            

LECTURE: John Lechte and Mary Zournazi: Julia Kristeva Lecture
DATE: 12 September 1998            

LECTURE: Canadian curator, Louise Dompierre on the 11th Biennale of Sydney: Every day.
DATE: 24 September 1998
Louise Dompierre lecture flyer       

TALK: Jill Dolan, Executive Director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York
DATE: 3 October 1998            

FORUM: 3: Practice
A number of prominent artists discussed the use of video in their practices. This third forum in the Videor series was an open debate on the current interests of artists working with video. A joint project between ACCA, 200 Gertrude Street and Centre for Contemporary Photography.
Speakers: David Noonan, Ross Harley, Lyndal Jones, Geoff Lowe, Graham Ramsey
DATE: 14 October 1998
Videor lecture flyer

EXHIBITION: Bill Viola: The Messenger
The first major sound and filmic installation by Viola in Australia, this exhibition was presented by ACCA at the old Melbourne Gaol Chapel, RMIT University in association with the Melbourne Festival.
Exhibition coordinator: Jenepher Duncan
DATE: 17 October – 1 November 1998    
Bill Viola: The Messenger invitation
Bill Viola: The Messenger postcard
Bill Viola: The Messenger flyer
Bill Viola: The Messenger publication

LECTURE: Bill Viola as part of the Melbourne Arts Festival.
DATE: 17 October 1998
Bill Viola lecture flyer
Interview with Bill Viola