Artist Statement: Jazz Money

infinite iterative piece welcomes you to find what you didn’t know you were seeking. A poem created just now, just for you, appearing through chance and hope and randomising software. infinite iterative piece is compiled of all the lost lines that didn’t become poems, the photos and footage that feel more like poetry, the ideas that shouldn’t go together, and the narratives that they tell.

Presented across three screens the words and images chop and change in a randomised configuration creating new experiences for each viewer. The screens create something of a digital ‘exquisite corpse’ where neither creator nor audience know what will be revealed in any single moment. The work can continue to grow and expand as more lines are added with time, a vessel for infinite questions and answers.

The work brings together two enquiries by the artist – poetry and film – and in particular the synergies between these mediums. Both poetry and film editing in particular take a preexisting language or set of images and arrange them in complimentary, contrasting or contradictory ways to communicate something to an audience. In that pairing, you create a third space where new knowledges are revealed.

By presenting the work in this randomised way, infinite iterative piece reflects both the overload of content and imagery that exists in our world, and the very human desire to make meaning of all that input. The poetics of life often reveal themselves to us in surprising ways, and infinite iterative piece seeks to be a gift for audiences looking for pause and beauty within the chaos.

Are you a morning or a night person?

I am an aspirational morning person but it doesn’t always come naturally.

Is there a sound or song that prompts a where or when for you?

Oh so many! Different bird songs remind me of being a kid growing up in the bush. Pop songs transport me to who I was when I first heard them. Different languages remind me of travels or friends. I am a very nostalgic person so I love revisiting past experiences through different sensory invitations.

Is there something you’ve always collected / what is something you’ve recently thrown away?

I have collecting (hoarding) tendencies – my work for Between Waves is sort of about that exact impulse. Ever since I was small I’ve especially loved collecting bits of paper, vintage postcards, old books, notepads and any sort of 2D scraps. Now I often justify holding onto these things for potential artworks, but as yet I haven’t made any work from them!

Where do you feel the most at connected / is there a place that you feel disconnected?

Bodies of fresh water are my favourite place to be. I don’t assume that I am necessarily always welcome and so I go gently and listen deeply, but when I feel a welcoming connection those special places are always my favourite.

What scares you the most right now / what brings you hope and/or inspires you?

I have huge climate anxiety and am deeply afraid of impending climate collapse. But I am inspired by the love, care and responsibility First Nations mob from around the world have for our Countries and believe that will be the only thing that can truly save us from disaster.

Through the process of making your new commission for Between Waves, what has been made clear and/or become more complicated?

Making Infinite Iterative Piece has given me a place to put an endlessly long list of lines, ideas and images. Leaving things to chance has made me feel more relaxed in how to engage with these things: to relinquish them to the world and to allow process to lead!