Sam Petersen I’m still feeling it Description

As you enter the space of ACCA, like the outside, none of the walls are straight.

In front of you, a way off, there is a wall like the outside. Rusty metal with inch wide channels running from ceiling to floor, punctuating the metal at even spaces of approximately one metre.

The wall is really big (highest point seven metres tall) and each channel has cling wrap running down and sucked into it- with irregular halves of cling wrap sticking out either side and held back in some places by little magnets.

In the centre of the cling wrap, wedged within the channel there is pink plasticine running the full length ceiling to floor.

The plasticine is flesh pink- like that within the body.

The cling wrap kind of hides the plasticine in places.

One of the channels is half done with cling wrap and plasticine. We couldn’t get the scissor lift in to do the top part because of the other wall, marking the point of my true limits.

You enter the galleries through 2 big doorways on this wall.

Past other artist’s works you come to gallery 3.

The walls are straight plasterboard and all of them are blank.

Down the bottom, filling the gap between the floor and the wall there is the same cling wrap and pink plasticine. Bulging out like a tummy.

It is approximately four inches high and runs the length of the whole room. You can clearly see the indents where fingers have pressed the plasticine into the cavity.

Somebody said they are like mycelium- permeating the whole building- and these are the pink mushrooms.

On the ceiling there is a long sheet, like a giant strip of sticky tape, it is shiny. This was part of a performance that took place before the exhibition opened.

It is described as follows: there is a single piece of cling wrap folded back on itself, hanging from the shining bit of ceiling with a single little marble-sized ball of pink plasticine wrapped up in it, weighing down the end.

The ball hung at my eye height in the middle of the room. When the cling wrap touched the ceiling, the 2 sides separated and stuck to the ceiling reaching out either side all the way to the walls and then travelled down them.

Then it slowly collapsed over a few hours. It started to fall apart at the T-intersection of the cling wrap peeling away from the ceiling. The ball of pink plasticine descended gracefully to the floor with the cling wrap still sandwiched around it, lying the width of the space.

This performance was not shown to the public, because so much of the world is inaccessible to me and many others. It can only be heard about here and seen on the website/catalogue.