NIRIN NAARM | presented by ACCA and Biennale of Sydney | Artistic Director Brook Andrew interview

NIRIN Artistic Director Brook Andrew provides a curatorial introduction to NIRIN NAARM, presented by ACCA as a week-long online exhibition with selected key works from the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, titled NIRIN, under the artistic direction of acclaimed Indigenous Australian artist Brook Andrew.

NIRIN NAARM presents the work of artists from Australia, Aoteroa/New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Haiti, Kashmir, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and elsewhere. It is set against a number of increasingly urgent social, cultural and political contexts and backdrops, such as the climate crisis and devastating bushfires in Australia and Brazil; the current global pandemic; and in solidarity with global activism related to the Black Lives Matters movement, which has underscored local and global histories of violence and discrimination, along with questions of justice, truth-telling, reconciliation and reparation. NIRIN is at the forefront of global movements to centre indigeneity, to reconsider cultural narratives and practices, and to reimagine public spaces, monuments and memory.

Presented in collaboration with the Biennale of Sydney and Brook Andrew, Artistic Director of NIRIN.