On Vulnerability and Doubt: Artist Interviews

Hear artists Cherine Fahd, Brent Harris and Charlie Sofo discuss vulnerability, doubt, fear, humour and more in relation to our current exhibition On Vulnerability and Doubt and their practice more broadly. Showing at ACCA until 1 September 2019.

ACCA’s exhibition On Vulnerability and Doubt brings together artists whose works variously engage with questions of vulnerability and doubt, intimacy and desire, shame, love and awkwardness, through mediums including painting, printmaking, sculpture, performative photography and video. Featuring new work, alongside significant existing projects by Australian and international artists: Andrea Büttner, Cherine Fahd, Brent Harris, Tala Madani, Linda Marrinon, Archie Moore, Charlie Sofo and Ambera Wellmann.

Video by Gatherer Media.