Painting. More Painting: ACCA 2016

Painting. More Painting is presented over two chapters, each structured around a series of solo presentations, alongside an expansive panoramic group exhibition set within a dynamic mural-scaled wall painting.

The solo presentations offer a focused consideration of the practices of fourteen Australian artists – seven in each chapter – demonstrating a range of distinctive positions. Alongside, and extending out from, these solo presentations, the panoramic group exhibition in ACCA’s main gallery – encompassing thirty artists in each chapter, arranged alphabetically – presents the work of early, mid and senior-career artists whose work is conceived within the canon of painting and the medium-specificity of painterly discourse.

Works in the panoramic section are displayed upon a newly commissioned architecturally-scaled wall painting by Sam Songailo. At once geometric and digital in appearance, Songailo’s mural serves as a spectacular mesh within which a range of diverse painterly positions are presented. Its open-form gridded structure also suggests patterns of connection and dialogue that contemporary painters share as colleagues, their critical relation to art historical frames of reference, and the elaboration of new aesthetic potential.

Painting. More Painting considers the material, perceptual and conceptual operations of contemporary painting as both a self-referential, critical practice, and as a means to explore the wider role of the work of art in the world today.

30 July–28 August
Opening Event Friday 29 July, 6pm
Solo Studies: Abdul Abdullah, Vivienne Binns, Ry David Bradley, Stephen Bram, Helen Johnson, Lisa Radford, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu
Panorama exhibition: artists A–M

2–25 September
Opening Event Friday 2 September, 6pm
Solo Studies: Teresa Baker, Angela Brennan, Mitch Cairns, Diena Georgetti, Matthys Gerber, David Jolly, Karl Wiebke
Panorama exhibition: artists N–Z