Six Walks Episode Four: Idil Ali on the Carlton Housing Estate


This walk beings at 510 Lygon Street, Carlton and ends on Lytton Street, Carlton. Key sites along the way include Lygon Court; Carlton Primary School; 478 Drummond Street, Carlton; 522 Drummond Street, Carlton; and Carlton Baths.

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2.3km, one way, approx. 30 mins walk.


ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) · Six Walks Episode 4: Idil Ali on the Carlton Housing Estate

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In this episode of Six Walks, storyteller Idil Ali guides you through an extended period of over ten years of gentrification at the Carlton Housing Estate. Based on her personal perspective, having grown up and witnessed the effect of this gentrification on both herself and her community, Idil attempts to dig up memories buried underneath an updated infrastructure.

Idil Ali is a proud Somali woman raised by the east African community in the Carlton flats. A settler on unceded Wurundjeri land, Idil embeds her belief in freedom, sovereignty and resistance into her work as a writer, performer, youth practitioner and community organiser. 

Curator: Annika Kristensen
Audio technician: Simon Cotter


The majority of this walk is accessible via even paved surfaces, with alternatives to stairs. Access to Lygon Court can be made by either travelator or lift. During renovations to Lygon Court, alternative access is available via Drummond Street. Please note that Princess Street has a slight incline. Accessible parking is available on Palmerston Street outside the Church of All Nations. Guide dogs and assistance animals are welcome across all areas this walk.

Six Walks has been conceived to be ideally listened to in situ, with headphones on a personal mobile device. Maps, directions and access notes are included with each walk to assist with orientation. ACCA reminds participants to be aware of their surroundings and to adhere to road safety guidelines at all times. Please note that when undertaking a walk, participants must assume personal responsibility for any liability, injury, loss, or damage in any way connected with their experience of Six Walks.

Recorded in a podcast format, Six Walks can also be listened to from anywhere and at any time.

New Entrance Carlton Primary School
Previous Main Entrance of Carlton Primary School
Where the 44 Home Tree was- Neill Street Reserve
Cameras and lights- 510 Lygon Street
Basketball Court and Futsal Field
Intercom 510 Lygon Street
478 Drummond Street formally 140 Neill Street
Aged Care Facility on Drummond Street
522 Drummond Street
Carlton Baths, 216/248 Rathdowne Street
Lytton Street
510 Lygon Street
480 Lygon Street
Intersection of Lygon and Elgin Streets
Woolworths, Lygon Court
Previously Carlton Police Station, Drummond Street

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