Writing in the Expanded Field: Vol. 3: Overlapping Writing

February–March 2021

ACCA and the non/fictionLab at RMIT are pleased to present Writing in the Expanded Field Volume 3: Overlapping Writing, in conjunction with ACCA’s summer show Overlapping Magisteria (5 Dec 2020–15 Mar 2021)

Applications are invited from writers of fiction and non-fiction, artists, poets, critics, curators and interdisciplinary practitioners with an interest in writing and contemporary art, to participate in this writing workshop series exploring new approaches to art writing and criticism.

Applications closed Sunday 29 November 2020 at 5pm.

Encompassing living organisms, kinetic installations and immersive assemblages, Overlapping Magisteria pays attention to multiple ways of knowing, sensing, feeling and interacting with the world. The works by participating artists draw on various social, cultural, technical and material forms, unsettling the lingering divide between nature and culture towards more complex realms of knowledge and experience.

Writing in the Expanded Field, Volume 3: Overlapping Writing will take these exhibition themes as a provocation for further exploring what is possible when we write with art and from art, instead of just about it. Building on the discoveries of Writing in the Expanded Field Volume 1 and Volume 2, and the ongoing inquiries of RMIT non/fictionLab, participants will explore embodiment, feeling, and intuition in the writer’s encounter with art, situating material, poetic and playful ways of knowing alongside critical and curatorial perspectives. Writers will also participate in an overlapping, or ‘cross-over writing’, methodology that explores decentred authorship and cacophonous voice alongside the development of individual pieces.