Melbourne Public Art Trail



This resource is designed to scaffold learning around issues, opportunities and creative challenges unique to making art for public space.  It is constructed around a selection of ten diverse case study artworks located throughout the Melbourne CBD and the vicinity of ACCA, and each case study is discussed in relation to key themes. The resource is aligned to content descriptors within both the Australian and Victorian Curriculums, detailed at the end of the resource.


It is intended that teachers choose a selection of artworks from the trail that engage art issues and ideas that best compliment their own teaching program. Each case study can be extracted as a printable page that can be distributed to students or incorporated into student workbooks.

Inquiry Questions

Each artwork on the trail is accompanied by a set of inquiry questions. these are intended to be addressed by students prior to discussing the contextual and historical information that accompanies each artwork. The questions are intended to scaffold student curiosity and confidence when independently approaching unfamiliar public artwork, and art in general. These questions progress numerically from lower-level to higher-level thinking in four stages, to suit students of different levels and years.

City Map

Print or download this walking map below for use either with group excursions, or for distribution directly to students for independent city exploration.

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