Danius Kesminas and Mike Stevenson: Daily Practice

8 Sep–8 Oct 2000

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Daily Practice was the imaginative filmic dramatisation of a 1992 interview between renowned German painter Gerhard Richter and critic Doris van Drathen. These two notable figures were played by actors Tom Considine and Heather Bolton, and the scenario was reconstructed in a local setting. The work promised to tackle a number of big questions such as what is the social responsibility of painting? and, is it possible for painting to empower socially? Whether or not these questions were answered was relatively unimportant to the project. Rather, it was the process that mattered. The collection of paintings and ephemera manufactured for the film constituted an installation in their own right and were presented in the adjoining gallery space. 

Exhibiting Artist: Danius Kesminas and Mike Stevenson

Daily Practice