Jacky Redgate/Robyn Stacey

5 Feb–8 Mar 1992

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Both based in Sydney, Jacky Redgate and Robyn Stacey came to prominence in the mid 1980s as photographers. Organised by the National Art Gallery, Wellington, this exhibition brought together a comprehensive overview of their last five years of practice. Stacey’s imagery drew on popular culture while Redgate’s works “offered an opportunity for the quiet contemplation of disruption, displacement and transformation” (exhibition catalogue). While Redgate went onto work with sculpture and painting, both women helped redefine the view of photography as an art form equal to any other – a position argued by other emerging women artists such as Anne Ferran, Debra Phillips and Anne Zahalka.

Exhibiting Artists: Jacky Redgate, Robyn Stacey.

Jacky Redgate and Robyn Stacey

In the Press
28 February, The Age, Artefacts and Dali's mo. 
7th March, The Australian, Artist brings out the family secrets. 

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