Martin Creed: The Lights Off

8 Oct–2 Dec 2005

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

“I don’t believe that my work is conceptual art. The Lights Off is a visual rather than conceptual work. While it sits within conceptual art making, it is like a painting. And while it has different elements, it is compositionally similar to painting, only using light and shade”
(Martin Creed, 5 October 2005).

Disarmingly empty, or deceptively full – these are but two of the physical and philosophical conundrums presented by Martin Creed. Working with playful everyday materials, Creed makes simple yet transcendently evocative works. The Lights Off was presented as part of the 2005 Melbourne International Festival Visual Arts Program. Creed also performed at two Melbourne nightclubs during the opening week of the exhibition.

Curator: Juliana Engberg
Project Manager: Charlotte Day


Martin Creed Artivity 1

Martin Creed Artivity 2

MIAF Visual Arts Program Catalogue

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Martin Creed