Susan Norrie: Undertow

14 Oct–2 Dec 2002

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Undertow was a specially devised project that emphasized the epic spaces of ACCA’s new commission hall by one of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, Susan Norrie.  Using the new space as a form of architectural origami, Norrie created a project rich in images of nature in rapturous states.  Simultaneously orgasmic and calming, the walls of ACCA shifted and pulsed with volcanos, blossoms, mud pools, clouds and so forth in a dramatic sequence that utilised the grandiose scale and vertiginousness of the space. 

Susan Norrie’s project was the first in a series of important new Australian commissions. It was presented as part of the 2002 Melbourne Festival Visual Arts Program.

Curator: Juliana Engberg
Project Manager: Rebecca Coates

Melbourne Festival Visual Arts Program

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Susan Norrie