29 May–25 Jul 2004

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

What happens to art when it abandons illusion and pictorialism, depth of field and external reference? Where does it go once it reaches its zero point and becomes minimal and monochromatic and self-referential? To some extent this a question that has hovered in the cultural cosmos since the late 1950’s when, with bold certainty, many artists embraced the concepts of Malevich and Ad Reinhardt and began to pursue the classical forms of minimalism to their logical end. The artists in Swoon acknowledged this need to question the dominance of the minimal surface, while also demonstrating their now umbilical relationship with it. In Swoon the classical and taut surfaces of minimalism were shown to ooze and bulge, creating optical delights and spatial complexities that pushed out into the social and political space of the present day.

Exhibiting Artists: Leslie Eastman, Dale Frank, Christopher Langton, Sean Melick, Jan Nelson, David Rosetzky, George Tillianakis

Curator: Juliana Engberg


In the Press
6 June, The Age, Candy swirls
9 June, Inpress Magazine, Mixed Sweets
9 June, Herald Sun, Brave new whirl
9 June, The Age, Reflections of an oozing libido
September, Broadsheet, Swoon
October, Un Magazine, The visible and invisible Leslie Eastman