Bik Van der Pol


Greater Together

Greater Together begins with the question of work and of how to work better. It takes place in a period of uncertainty, when contemporary societal divisions (political, environmental, cultural and geographic) are creating real need to share knowledge and resources, and to reassess ideas of production and organisation – professionally, socially and artistically. At the […]


Bik Van der Pol: Artist Talk

Dutch artist duo Bik Van der Pol (Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol) speak about their practice and process of making, as well as their newly commissioned work, 'Letters to the Land' in ACCA's 2017 exhibition 'Greater Together'. Introduced by 'Greater Together' curator, Annika Kristensen. 13 July 2017...

Bik Van der Pol: Artist Talk

Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol have been working together as artistic collaborators since 1994, a division of labour that is both conscious and political. Their mode of working – itself a collaborative and consultative process – also consists of setting up conditions for encounter, to encourage...
Press Release

Greater Together a freak meteorological dust storm that hit Melbourne in 1983, internationally renowned Dutch artistic collaborators and partners Bik Van der Pol will create a major new installation bringing together a number of voices in reference to the characters of Plato’s philosophical text Symposium...

Greater Together Exhibition Video

...the curator Annika Kristensen and collaborative artist projects Field Theory, Clark Beaumont and Bik Van der Pol. Greater Together begins with the question of work and of how to work better. It takes place in a period of uncertainty...

Greater Together: Exhibition Opening

Join us to celebrate the opening of Greater Together, curated by Annika Kristensen on Friday 7 July, with a special performance by participating artists Antoinette J. Citizen and Courtney Coombs.
Greater Together presents eight artist projects that complicate individual notions of authorship to focus on ideas of collaboration and cooperation as a means of agency and solidarity, in […]