NEW11 catalogue

Selected by curator Hannah Mathews, the artists hail from Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and while each have been commissioned to create a work that reflects their individual concerns and practices, all are linked by a common interest in materiality.

Ranging in scale and media, the work made by these artists for NEW11 question, extend, re-contextualise, activate and even negate the physical properties of their chosen materials, The outcome will be an exhibition where the uncanny, symbolic, political, historical and comedic can all be found.

The NEW11 artists are:
Fiona Abicare, Rebecca Baumann, Tim Coster, Greatest Hits, Shane Haseman, Mark Hilton, Dan Moynihan, Brendan Van Hek, Justene Williams and Annie Wu.

With texts by Hannah Mathews, Anthony White, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Jon Dale, Raimundas Malašauskas, Reuben Keehan, Maria Tumarkin, Lisa Radford, Tania Doropoulos, Pamela Hansford and Florian Cramer.

Full colour publication, 72 pages