Painting. More Painting catalogue

ACCA has produced a comprehensive publication to accompany the exhibition Painting. More Painting. Featuring essays by Hannah Mathews, Quentin Sprague, Justin Paton and Jan Bryant; short, accessible texts on the seventy-nine participating artists; and documentation of all works in the exhibition printed in full colour, the catalogue offers analysis and insight into the depth and breadth of contemporary Australian painting.

Curated by Max Delany, Annika Kristensen and Hannah Mathews, Painting. More Painting is currently presented at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne in two chapters: 30 July–28 August and 2–25 September 2016. Each chapter is structured around a series of solo presentations, alongside an expansive panoramic group exhibition set within a dynamic mural-scaled wall painting by Sam Songailo. The solo presentations offer a focused consideration of the practices of fourteen Australian artists – seven in each chapter – demonstrating a range of distinctive positions. Alongside, and extending out from, these solo presentations, the panoramic group exhibition in ACCA’s main gallery – arranged alphabetically – presents the work of early, mid and senior-career artists whose work is conceived within the canon of painting and the medium-specificity of painterly discourse.

Reflecting the resurgent activity and critical agency of painting over the past decade, the exhibition Painting. More Painting provides an overview of contemporary Australian painting in a context in which diverse conceptual, polemic and stylistic connections and debates can be drawn between individual approaches across generations.

Painting. More Painting
30 July–28 August 2016
2–25 September 2016

Painting. More Painting
Editors: Max Delany, Annika Kristensen, Hannah Mathews
Designer: Matt Hinkley
Published 2016
© Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, artists and authors
153 pages
24 x 24 cm, paperback
Print run: 750
ISBN: 978-0-9943472-3-7

This catalogue was produced with support from the Gordon Darling Foundation.