Artist Talks: On Vulnerability and Doubt

Sat 29 Jun 2019

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

Join us in the galleries to hear exhibiting artists Cherine Fahd, Archie Moore and Ambera Wellmann, speak about their work in On Vulnerability and Doubt. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the ideas informing each artist’s work and their practice more broadly.


Cherine Fahd (Sydney)
Fahd will explore Fear of, a series of posters declaring her own private fears pasted up around Oxford Street in 2011. Following an incredible public response, she now collates shared fears in a ‘Fear Database’, which audiences are invited to contribute to doing this exhibition.

Ambera Wellmann (Berlin)
Wellmann’s painting practice is rooted in art historical traditions of figuration and its contemporary feminist unpacking, underpinned by a long-held interest in the uncanny, dark humour and an interest in the reconsideration of the eroticised body.

Archie Moore (Brisbane)
Moore’s interests include key signifiers of identity – skin, language, smell, home, flags – as well as the borders of intercultural understanding and misunderstanding. Uncertainty is an ongoing theme pertaining to his paternity and Kamilaroi heritage.



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