Atlanta Eke: Mother Holding Something Horrific – The Dance

Sat 8 Apr 2017

This is a past program.
Main exhibition gallery

Join us for the first of six weekly performances by contemporary dancer and choreographer Atlanta Eke developed in the gallery alongside Claire Lambe’s solo exhibition Mother Holding Something Horrific, continuing an ongoing collaboration between the two artists.

Each Saturday between 12-3pm for the first six weeks of Claire Lambe: Mother Holding Something Horrific Atlanta Eke will perform with Annabelle Balharry in the gallery spaces accompanied by musician Daniel Jenatsch and films edited via live-feed video recording and playback on TV screen.

Atlanta Eke lives and works in Melbourne. Her work as a dancer and choreographer is concerned with dissolving pre-existing perceptions and expectations by changing fixed representations of the body through movement. She works with and beyond the limitations of the body, in collaboration with fellow dancers and artists in a variety of contexts. Her work with dance is often project-specific; within each project a question for the next arises, alongside an effort to deconstruct the modes of production and presentation of the previous work. Atlanta Eke questions the political and temporal implications of positioning performance in exhibition spaces and timeframes, as well as working on the format of the exhibition as a resource for dance and choreography.

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