Danae Valenza: Colour Piano for Chromatic Portraits, performance times

Mon 14 Apr 2014

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Watch out for Performances of Danae Valenza's Colour Piano for Chromatic Portraits happening daily throughout the exhibtition.

Upcoming Performances:

 Wed 9th May – 4pm
 Thurs 8th May 1.15pm / 3.00pm  
 Fri 9th May 11.30am  
 Sat 10th May 2.00pm  
 Sun 11th May 4.00pm  
 Tues 13th May 1.00pm  
 Wed 14th May 2.00pm  
 Thurs 15th May 10.30am
 Fri 16th May 10.00am  
 Sat 17th May 11.30am  
 Sun 18th May 3.00pm  
 Sun 18th May 4.00pm

The duration of each performance is approx 20 mins. These times could be subject to change.



Danae Valenza