Farnsworth’s Republic For Dogs

Sun 16 Feb 2014

This is a past program.
ACCA Forecourt

ACCA’s north-facing forecourt will be a doggy free-for-all during SummerSalt festival as artist Anastasia Klose creates an off-leash world for Melbourne’s much-loved four-legged friends. Farnsworth's Republic for Dogs will have a unique Melbourne flavor, a place where iconic cultural buildings become kennels for dogs to explore. Open daily 7am – 9pm, dogs and their owners can enjoy an outdoors installation specifically made for dogs on their daily walk through the city. 

Acclaimed artist, Anastasia Klose is interested in finding ways to translate the experience of her everyday life into art. Her own beloved Bassett Hound ‘Farnsworth’ will be the official head-of-state at the Republic for Dogs. Every dog will have its day in Farnsworth’s Republic, and humans can have refreshments (including hot dogs, of course!)


Anastasia Klose

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