Hagar Ophir: There will be no kangaroos in Melbourne city

Thu 24 Sep 2015

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

In this one-off lecture, Hagar Ophir (Public Movement delegate to Melbourne), will present her impressions of Melbourne which were formed during a site-visit to the city in preparation for the development of a new work by Public Movement for ACCA in the City. Hagar will discuss the contradictions which the city is seemingly founded on, speaking from the point of view of an explorer who arrives from one colony to another colony, located over the ocean, and will raise some questions about the role of art as a narrator.

Hagar Ophir  is an artist, independent researcher and costume designer. She studied history, gender studies and art at Tel Aviv University. In 2009 she joined Public Movement and has since co-directed, led research and participated in Public Movement actions, such as Honor Guards at the Asian Art Biennial, Taipei (2013), Civil Fast in Jerusalem (2012) and Dark Numbers at Inkonst theater, Malmö University (2012). Over the last two years Hagar has worked as the head of research for Debriefing-II a work presented as part of the national collection of the Tel Aviv Museum. She also co-curated Radio Ninth of Av, a broadcasting station and mass performance at the Western Wall in Jerusalem as part of Under the Mountain Festival (2013). 

Bar and Gallery open from 5pm

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