IMAGINEERING WORKSHOP: Expand your capacity for creative thinking

Thu 23 Jul 2015

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Get serious about design, play, imagination and the process of thinking like an artist in two hands-on workshops run by thought-provoking Melbourne artists Meredith Turnbull and Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent. Providing insight into the artists’ own unique ways of working, and opportunities to explore our own creativity, these workshops will stimulate possibilities for lateral and connective thinking in all of us. Everyone welcome!

About the artists:

Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent are interested in alternate forms of communication. Telepathy and dreams serve as extended metaphors through which they explore alternate ways of being and communicating. Their work is often collaborative: produced with each other, with other artist collectives, with the general public, students and exhibition audiences.  Their projects take varying forms such as musicals, dream recitals, remote international drawing projects, epic sleepovers, telepathically curated exhibitions, collaborative paintings and institutional interventions.

Meredith Turnbull’s practice engages diverse scales, art historical traditions and genres – and manifests in connections between sculpture, images, decorative objects and jewellery. She has an ongoing interest in combining sculpture, craft and display through approaches to excess, adornment and decor. More broadly her practice focuses on the related histories of modernism and abstraction across visual art and design.

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