Johannes Kreidler: The more unmusical, the better

Tue 9 Aug 2016

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Liquid Architecture presents a series of conceptual pieces for solo performer and video by Berlin-based composer Johannes Kreidler at ACCA. A leading figure at the intersection of composition and conceptual art, Kreidler’s ‘expanded compositions’, while musical, are not about music – but rather the systems, economies, and regimes of value that structure music’s place in our world. Pursuing this music/not music approach Kreidler has become a leading figure in ‘conceptualism’, an approach at the intersection of composition and conceptual art.

“For me, music never exists alone; a composer must always deal with interrelationships. Music deals with technology and the politics of technology, with consumption behaviour, and the cultural and economic value of art. These things play a role in my creative work; I use them as artistic material.” — Johannes Kreidler

We are Duchampions.

While in Melbourne, Johannes Kreidler is a guest of the RMIT international Artist in Residence program (iAIR). Johannes Kreidler is generously supported in Australia by the Goethe Institut.


1. Piano Photo Piece
2. Masks
3. Introduction to the Sociology of Music
4. Downfall 1
5. For Schubert and Schumann
6. Downfall 2
7. Charts Music
8. Hotel Piece
9. Numbering
10. Text Clapping
11. Abstract #5
12. Hitler’s Rage, bolero’d
13. Against the Wall
14. Instrumentalisms A
15. Guitar Piece
16. Kinect Studies 1
17. Two Guitars
18. Proposals

Duration: ca 75’


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