Lyndal Jones: Darwin with Tears

ACCA is pleased to present this comprehensive catalogue that documents projects assembled for Lyndal Jones’ Darwin with Tears exhibition. The exhibition and catalogue are part of ACCA’s ongoing series of extensive ‘Influential Australian Artist’ surveys which recognize artists who have provided a foundation for further generations and whose practice has continued to be active and evolving.

Darwin with Tears brought together works from many of Jones’ important long term projects including ‘The Prediction Pieces’, ‘The Darwin Translations and ‘Tears for what has been done’. And as part of ACCA’s ongoing commitment to assisting artists to create new work, we were delighted to realise an outdoor commission for the exhibition. The raw beauty of this latest addition to the ‘Tears for what has been done’ series was a wonderful interaction with ACCA’s distinctive rusty building and a draw card for visitors over the winter months.

The catalogue includes essays by Elizabeth Grosz, Scott Maquire, Margaret Plant, Claire Doherty Lyndal Jones and Juliana Engberg

Full colour production, 120 pages