NEW16: Curator Annika Kristensen discusses NEW16 – Part 1, ACCA 2016

NEW16 brings together eight newly commissioned projects by emerging artists around Australia. Curated by Annika Kristensen, the artists display a common interest in navigating and negotiating various tensions and thresholds: including relations between themselves and others, the artwork and the audience, private and public space, and productive futility.
Using visual language as a form of storytelling, the artists in NEW16 have created a unique series of works that are at once playful and poetic, futile and profound. The result is a very human exhibition – prompting us to reflect upon our own relationships, both with one another and our surrounds.

Artists: Jacobus Capone, Catherine or Kate, Julian Day, Gabriella Hirst, Tanya Lee, Mason Kimber, Liam O’Brien, Anna Varendorff with Haima Marriott